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Choosing Curtains for Your Windows

Curtains give presence to a room, helping set the mood from casual and easy to bold and dramatic.

At Crate and Barrel, we offer a carefully edited selection of drapes and curtain rods that fit a range of styles to work in any room. All of our curtains are made with cotton, linen or silk — materials that offer a beautiful hang that stays smooth and full over time. Choose from subtle neutrals and bold patterns designed exclusively for us by talented artists. And basic is never ordinary. Even our solid window curtains have textural contrast and subtle coloration that bring in a little something special.


The material you choose for your curtains depends on the style of the room and how much light you want to let in.

1. Cotton

Curtain panels made of cotton are casual, easy to clean and allow plenty of light to filter through, keeping the room bright and cheerful. For a denser look that offers more privacy and temperature control, try a cotton panel that’s lined.

Care: Easy to care for, cotton curtains require minimal upkeep. Dry clean when necessary, and vacuum and brush attachment dust from accumulating in the folds. To keep pleats looking crisp, iron curtains inside out on low.

2. Linen

Linen drapes have a textured weave that beautifully diffuses light. Go with linen panels for a casual look that’s pulled together.

Care: After dry cleaning linen curtain, hang them immediately for a smooth drape. The relaxed, wrinkled look of linen is part of its inviting character. To remove stubborn wrinkles, slightly dampen curtain and iron on low. Vacuum with a brush attachment to prevent dust from accumulating in the folds.

3. Linen-Silk Blend

These light-diffusing curtain panels combine the relaxed nature of linen with the lustrous sheen of silk.

Care: Curtains made with silk are more susceptible to damage from sunlight. Choose a drape that’s lined if your windows receive direct exposure. Dry clean when necessary, and vacuum with a brush attachment to prevent dust from accumulating in the folds. To keep pleats looking crisp, iron panels inside out on low. Avoid getting water on linen-silk curtains to prevent permanent water spots.

Choose A Style

1. Solid Curtains

The curtain panels in our solid collection are versatile, layering easily with decor that’s already in your home. When choosing curtains, consider the overall feel of the room and whether you’d like the drapes to be a backdrop or focal point. White, ivory and other neutrals are light, airy and blend into the space. Rely on

stronger colors like blues and greys to make a bolder statement that adds some drama. In rooms where you’d welcome more light, try sheer curtains that let the sun filter through and billow beautifully with a breeze. For more privacy and better light control, choose drapes that are lined.

2. Printed Curtains

Designed exclusively for us by artists around the world, our printed curtains turn windows into a design element all their own. And, like decorative pillows or a rug, they can completely change a space, from the living room to the dining room and bedroom. Our patterns range from subtle designs with fine details that surprise up-close to bold statements that confidently hold the space.

3. Curtain Hardware

Our curtain hardware options forge clean industrial shapes with the warmth of aged finishes or the sparkle of polished shine. We’ve chosen our curtain rods to represent a range of styles, from simple and clean to designs created with beautiful handwork.

Coordinate your hardware’s finish with the color of curtain you choose. For example, a matte finish will pair well with curtains that are a warmer hue. If you prefer the look of layered window treatments, use a double rod to hang a set of opaque panels over sheer panels. This allows for creativity in mixing color and pattern, and you’ll also have more control over privacy and light.

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