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Beautiful Dining Room Ideas

Every good host knows the ingredients of a memorable dinner party include not only delicious food and exceptional guests, but also a beautiful dining room.

Every good host knows the ingredients of a memorable dinner party include not only delicious food and exceptional guests, but also a beautiful dining room. Yes, ambience matters. No matter the size of your home, transform your eating space into a dramatic dining room with these unique ideas.

All Set

The material you choose for your curtains depends on the style of the room and how much light you want to let in.

Start with your table settings. Choose dinnerware that makes a statement. While that means something different to every host, we think unexpected choices, like rectangular or square plates, plates with artistic embellishments, or layering multiple collections of plates, give your dining table serious wow factor.

The same thing applies to flatware. Think of your flatware the way you would your personal accessories and use them to punch up your table settings. Today’s collections run the gamut from on-trend rose gold to rustic collections with a hammered metal finish. There’s something for everyone, so choose a design that sets your table apart..

Bright Ideas

Candlelight is an easy and temporary way to add a dramatic flair to your dining space. To create the atmosphere of an intimate dinner party in an otherwise regular room, place a cluster of candles on a tray to double as both ambient lighting and your centerpiece. If you have a rectangular dining table, line a series of small votives down the center of the table creating a candlelight table runner. When using a sideboard to serve your guests, intersperse small bunches of flowers and tall candlesticks throughout the buffet. To highlight the drama of all the candlelight, place a large mirror on the wall above the buffet to reflect the flickering light around the room.


Too much of a good thing is just that — too much. To create a memorable and dramatic dining room consider incorporating different styles of furniture into your design plan. Your dining table, chairs, and sideboard need not “match” or belong to a set to work. In fact, some of the most truly memorable spaces mix furniture pieces from different design eras or collections to incredible effect. By contrasting colors, finishes, and shapes, you can create a room with a unique vision.

Off the Wall

For a big impact, whether your table is set for guests or not, select a light fixture that makes a bold statement. Think of it as a piece of art—just one that hangs from the ceiling and not on a wall. It should stand out from the rest of the room. You may go for contrast, using a traditional chandelier with modern furnishings or a modern pendant with traditional furnishings. In other words, don’t be afraid to break the rules. And don’t forget to install dimmers on your light fixture to up the drama ante.

Little Luxuries

One of the biggest components of creating a beautiful dining room is actually found in the smallest of details. We like to think of them as the little luxuries. Choose serving pieces with glittering metallic accents. Select bold napkin holders long on personality. Finish upholstered furniture with rich brass nailhead trim. Fill vases with decadent white roses. In other words, pay attention to the little things.

And make them dramatic.

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