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8 Ideas From the Most Popular New Bedrooms

Turning newspaper into wallpaper and electric cords into light fixtures are among the clever ways to boost your boudoir

Most people want their bedroom to be a relaxing space that’s easy to fall asleep in, but that’s no reason for it to be boring. As the designers of these popular bedrooms show, a bedroom can be every bit as stylish and daring as any other room while still providing a functional and calming atmosphere. Here are eight ways to add some drama and designer details to a bedroom.

1. Double-duty desk.

If you have space in your bedroom for a large nightstand, you might have enough room for a desk instead. This stylish Dallas bedroom designed by Jan Jones features an antique desk that’s the perfect height to serve as a nightstand. The lamp on top of the desk can be turned on and off while lying in bed or sitting at the desk. The desk drawers provide extra storage that can also be accessed from bed.

2. Architecture highlighted with paint.

Many bedrooms are on the top floor of a home, where the lines of the roof can dictate the shape of the ceiling and walls. Play up these interesting architectural lines with different paint colors. This master bedroom in Arlington, Virginia, that’s tucked into the eaves is made even cozier by the darker accent wall.

3. Industrial chic.

The downstairs bedroom in this Los Angeles home opens onto a meandering backyard. Rather than adding a table lamp or sconce light next to the bed, the design team hung a nylon-covered electrical cord with an exposed bulb to give an industrial touch to the boho chic space.

4. Creative storage.

The designers of this small bedroom in Stockholm made the most of every inch by adding a custom storage unit to the wall. The unit creates an alcove above the bed and features undercabinet lighting.

5. Newsworthy wall treatment.

If you’re looking for a creative wallpaper idea, let this industrial bedroom in Moscow be your guide. The designer glued old newspapers to the wall behind the bed to create a one-of-a-kind wallpaper treatment.

6. Folding-screen style.

For the 2018 Kips Bay Decorator Show House, designer Brian del Toro began with a hand-painted Robert Crowder screen from the 1960s, decorated with birds and flowers in soft, natural tones. The color palette and delicate design of the screen make it a muted and lush focal point.

7. Hidden desk.

A wall of floor-to-ceiling storage makes great use of the space in this sublime London bedroom. The center doors slide open to reveal two rows of floating shelves and a desk affixed over an old fireplace cavity, which makes an ideal cubby for a little stool.

8. Repeating patterns.

Taking a pattern or shape and repeating it in a room is a classic way to create a cohesive look. The design team of this Austin, Texas, bedroom did exactly that by using the shapes in the brass chandelier and bench legs to complement the pattern of the wallpaper.

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