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4 things you need to do when buying a bed

If you’ve had your bed for a while, chances are, it’s not improving your sleep – our beds can deteriorate as much as 70% from their new state after just 10 years, but most of us don’t replace them for at least 15 years. This not only means that you’re losing out on support, but, bearing in mind we leave behind half a pint of fluid every night, and a pound of skin a year, it’s probably not great news for your health either!

1. Spend as much as you can

Shop when the sales hit (Black Friday or the New Year are the best times), but don’t be tempted to buy your usual standard of bed at a budget price. Instead, take the opportunity to trade up to a more luxurious model. You may end up spending the same amount as if you were shopping during a non-sale period, but you’ll get a better frame and mattress – so more support and a better night’s sleep – for the same price. And according to the NBF, every £100 invested in a new bed costs less than four pence a night over seven years.

2. Buy as big as you can

Think a double bed is enough for you and your partner? At just 4’6″ wide, it will only offer each adult the same space as in a child’s cot! A roomy king-size bed will ensure less partner disturbance and a better night’s sleep.

3. Put the bed first

You might think adding draw divans, TV stands or other features are a savvy way to spend your money, get organised and use all the space in your home, but adding just four drawers can add well over £100 to the price. It could be that you’re better off investing that money in a better-quality mattress and saving the accessories shopping for another time.

4. Shop properly

If you’re serious about a new bed, don’t go shopping on a whim. Instead, schedule in a few hours to shop; you’ll make a better choice if you’re not in rush or distracted. And try to avoid going when you’re tired – anything will feel comfy then! Also, dress sensibly and comfortably, so that you can lie down properly, and don’t be ashamed to test beds out in-store for at least 10 minutes… just don’t fall asleep!

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