EverSeiko Chair Escudo
  • Ankle Tilt Reclining with the ergonomic back face and seating face where the chair's pivot point is the occupant's ankle. When reclining, it supports the natural position of the body without straining the upper legs. It can be fixed at the preferred angle by the lever under the seat at the right, and the recline angle can be adjusted continuously without steps.
  • Up and down adjustment of the seat by using the lever at the lower left center of the seat. The height of the seat can be adjusted (92 mm. without steps).
  • Adjustable sliding seat by moving the lever at the lower left front of the seat. The seat can be adjusted by sliding 50 mm. (back and forth).
  • The arm pads can be adjusted by 100 mm. up and down (11 steps every 10 mm.), and the arm pad angle by 30 deg. (15 deg. each for inner or outer direction).
Available Color
  • Black
  • Blue
Sub Brands: