Refrigerator EUM0500SA
  • - urved glass design for contemporary kitchen
  • - Maximum 1000m3/hr airflow reduces clean-up time
  • - Efficient 5-layer grease filtration to get rid of more grease
  • - Brighter Halogen lighting for better illumination
  • - For recirculation or extraction operation modes
1000m3/hr Suction Power
Noise Level: Max 73 dB(A)
Air Outlet: 150mm
Motor Power: 330W
50W Halogen Lamp x 2
Total Connected Load: 430W
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Dimension (W x H x D):
900mm x (640-1,210)mm x 500mm
Carbon Filter
Retail price - 18,570
Available Model
  • EFC 9555X
  • EFC 9593X
  • EFT 6510X
  • EFP 6520X
  • EFC 6531X
  • EFC 9673X
  • EFA 9620X
  • EFC 9563X
  • EFC 9551X
  • EFC 9533X
  • EFP 90680BX
  • EKG 66408X
  • EKM 66405X